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Talent Pools
Mission & Vision

Accpac Partner (simply accounting)Simply Accounting Accpac Partner (simply accounting) Simply Accounting


Inspiration Information Consultancy Limited (IICL) :
  • Authorized Distributor for EeMPICS   (an IT-Enabled Intelligent Industrial Control & Automation System)
  • Business Partner (certified consultant) of AccPac for "Simply Accounting" (an easy-of-use, yet powerful accounting package)


  • Started as an Information Company, which mainly provides IT services & advice to clients, including corporate clients and software-house.
  • Also performing Software Engineering for electronic industries
  • Later on, evolve from IT into Industrial Automation & Process Control
  • EeMPICS was then introduced, which surprise the market with its State-Of-Art Design, Flexibility, PC-GUI fine-tuning (control sequences, devices add/changes), Real-Time Data-Capture features, etc.

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Excellent Talent Pool Backup :
  • Seasoned IT Consultant (System Architect, MRP/ERP, Corporate Accounting, Business Intelligence, etc.)
  • Mature Industrial Engineers (Certified Electrical Engineers, Project Management, Transportation, etc.)
  • Micro-Electronic Specialist, with Military-Spec. Exposure

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Our Mission & Vision :
  • To Serve and Continually Support Customers' Business Growth
  • Business-Centric Solutions Always Our Priority
  • Endeavor to Develop Dynamic & Maintainable Solutions, allowing rapid response & decision to the market
  • We believe"DATA IS KING" (Gaps Between IT/Management And Engineering/Process Status Must Be Broken)

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