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EeMPICS Overview
Electrical & electronic Multi-Purposes Intelligent Control System

(an "IT-Enabled" Industrial Automation Control & Monitoring System)

For Management & IT,  it supports Real-Time Data Capture.
For Production Managers,  it provides Flexible Fine-Tuning capabilities and makes path for Re-Active Engineering.
Operation Personnel will be delighted with its Easy-Of-Use.
System Map
Off-Site Monitoring by Management Automated Production Line Signals' Led Lite (for Better Visual Effect) GUI  Real Time Monitor & Display Addition of Devices From-Time-to-Time OK Automation Control-Brain (PLC Auto Controller) Path (16) : Protective Power for Other (unprotected) Production Line Path (15) : Graft Power for Added/Expanded Equipment Path (14) : Safety Power Supply Source to Equipment Path (13) : Detect Expandable (added) Devices, Sensors Status Path (12) : Control Plant  (include analog control for pumps, motors, rectifiers, ..) Path (11) : Detect Operation, Sensors' Status Path (10) : On / Off Individual Device Power Path (9) : Detect Power Supply States Path (8) : Manual Control or emergency-stop Path (7) : Alert Trig to Warning Bulbs, Alarm & Siren, Servers (Tel, Pager, SMS, E-Mail) Path (6) : LED Indicate for Sensors, Other Signals Status Path (5) : Kernal via Lan, Internet for Remote Monitoring Path (4) : Real-Time Data Capture & Logging to Database Path (3) : Upload Operation Status to PC for Real-Time Monitoring Path (2) : Operation Setups Download to Control System Path (1) : User Setup & Fine Tuning in PC Power Plant System GUI Setup & Fine-Tuning Alert Trigger Status & Alarm EeMPICS Database --  Filing Setup details &  Processing Status)
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Design Philosophy
Primary Objectives :
Design at Business Horizon, not just industrial engineering
Flexible, Dynamic & Adaptive to Change/Upgrade
IT - Enabled (seamless IT/ERP integration)
Documentaion (effective know-how transfer)
Other Consideration :
  • Safety Measure
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Protect Clients' Privacy
  • Easy-Of-Use
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Business Model & Benefits Foreseen

THREE Most Prominent Benefits Management will discover:

Management Decision 

Cost Reduction 

Management Control 

Picture below illustrate how:

Business Model
$ $ $
Data Collection
note:  the above workflow just for reference only

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Feature Highlight
Auto, Manual Modes (and Sub-Modes)  
Customized Control Sequence  
Customized Interlocking  
Built-in Alert Trig System (user adjustable)


Plug-And-Play Concert

  • From-Time-To-Time Add, Modify, Remove Devices, such as sensors, motors OK
  • Equiptment Attributes GUI Change, e.g. pumps speed, rectifier characteristics, frequency inverters' parameters
PC-GUI at Windows environment  
Real-Time Data Capture to Database  
Setup & Operation Parameters Filed in Database  

Safety Measures

  • Power-Supply Multi-Level Proctection
  • Emergency Stop
  • Normal Open (forever power-on) for critical power,
    such as toxic gas exhaust fan system
  • power alert-off, interlock-off
  • alarm, siren warning, alter-state import/trigger output
  • user authorization control
and more . . .  

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Screen Shot (Hardware)
Hardware Overview
Control Console
Power Supply
Power Circuit

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Screen Shot (Pc Setup/Monitor)
Log In
Plant Layout
Port Name
Port Icon
Port Attrib
Run Sequence
Analog Port
Gui Monitor
Data Logging
more ...

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Product Series

An Intelligent Monitoring System with Built-in "Priority-Type" Alert Subsystem

An Advanced & Extreme-Safe Power Supply (Power-Plant) System
An Intelligent Control System To Automate Manufacturing / Production Plant
An Add-On System to Real-Time Capture Production Data for IT/ERP Use
PC's GUI Control & Monitor Software for PLC's Automation System
Others Solutions Support Tailor-Made Automation Solution, Based on EeMPICS Architecture.

i.e.   For more detail description of product series, refer to
       Services section for EeMPICS product.

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Good Documentation Secure Investment