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IT Consulting
Formulate Strategy IT Solutions
Data Acquistion System (From Engineering, Production Environment)
Accounting Software
Business Intelligence
Tailor-Made Solutions
Industrial Automation

We deliver "Busines-Centric" Industrial Automated / Process Control Solutions.

Design at Business Horizon, not just industrial engineering
Adhesive to IEC 6113-3 International Standard
Seamless IT Integeration (office computing) with PLC Systems (plant-floor automation) -- allowing management analysis & facilitating wise decision
Structural & Expandable System Architecture are our Cornerstone -- pathing clients' Rapid & Dynamic Response to Business and/or Market Changes







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Software Engineering

Our Electronic Division is experienced in performing sophisticated software coding for MCU chips, testing software for computing boards.

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An IT-Enabled Electrical & Electronic Multi-Purposes Intelligent Control System

Generally, most PLC systems are "stand-alone" ones, seldom talking with external world.

But, EeMPICS is an "Internet-Friendly" system that can File "Working Data" in Real-Time -- eliminate unnecessary manual involvement & provide data integrity and accuracy. (IT people will be happy about it)

With PC-MAN, Fine-Tuning for Sophisticated Operation State is an Easy Task.

EeMPICS   Product Series As Follows :


An Intelligent Monitoring System

Intelligently Detect & Monitor Digital & Analog Signals, with Built-In "Priority-Type" Alert Subsystem.

Support From-Time-to-Time :
    (a)  Sensors Addition, Deletion & Modification
    (b)  Signals' Alert-Trigger State Defining

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An Advanced & Extreme-Safe Power Supply (Power-Plant) System

Incorporate All "Smart-Mon" Features, Plus ...
    (a)  Customized Devices' Interlocking
    (b)  User Define Control-Sequence, etc.

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An Intelligent Control System For Automated Manufacturing Production Plant

Supports All Features of "E-Power", Plus ...
    (a)  Additive Control for Rectifiers, Pumps,
          Frequency Inverters ...
    (b)  Modification of Rectifier, Pumps,
          Frequency Inverters, Parameters ...

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An Add-On System to Real-Time Capture Production Data For IT/ERP Use

Traditionally, IT/ERP professionals discover obtaining operational / production data ineffective.

"ERP-Log" helps acquire your production data (items accepted/rejected, etc.), with Real-Time Filing into Database.

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PC's GUI Control & Monitor Software , that:

  • Intelligently Links With PLC (for Industrial Automation / Process Control) for aforementioned EeMPICS solutions
  • Real-Time Data-Capture of Operating Status
  • User GUI Fine-Tuning, Setup of PLC Control Sequence, Addition/Modification of Equipment, Sensors and/or Devices
  • Filing-Up Setup/Operating Parameters and Data-Logging of Working Status into the Database (support Re-Active Engineering and Management-Decision)
  • Facilitate Remote-Monitoring

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We Support Tailor-Made Automation, Based on EeMPICS Architecture.

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